Tuttnauer 3870EA Fully-Auto Sterilizer without printer


Tuttnauer 3870EA Fully-Auto Sterilizer without printer

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Closed Door Active Drying Air pump
With extra fast and efficient drying cycle, the EKA and EA autoclaves significantly increase your productivity. These two models have the added benefit of a high efficiency air pump which allows closed door active drying. The EKA and EA are built for improved sterilization with the ability to dry packs and pouches

*More thoroughly drying and sterilization
*Faster drying for a shorter overall cycle
*0.2micrometre HEPA air filter provides sterile, bacteria-free air for drying
*High efficiency air pump
*Decreased overall drying time
*Closed door active drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying pouches
*Circulates hot air at the end of the sterilization cycle for fast drying

*Volume : 85L
*Overall dimensions WxHxD(mm) : 660x525x875
*Tray dimensions WxHxD(mm) : 675x25x286
: 675x25x350
*No. of trays : 2
*Standard cassettes : 15 full
*Standard unwrapped cycle time : Cold: 31mins/ Hot: 20mins
*Voltage (V)/ Frequency(Hz) : 230V (50/60Hz)
*Power(W)/ Current(A) : 3000W/13A
*Weight(kg) : 81kg
*Warranty:1 Year

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